The Precision Riflesmith - Branded Mini-Documentary

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Minii Ayam - My Journey. Mongolia's Giant Argali Sheep


“Thank you for your tireless efforts bringing Mini Ayam to life. I was very impressed with your technical mastery and eye for detail. You simply saw things and set a standard for the film that was beyond anything I have seen. It is evident in the finished product as well as the reviews that are coming in. I love it. Thanks for everything you have done.”

~ Mike Axelrad, Executive Producer

Tink Nathan's Hunting Adventures


“This is one of the best openers to come across my desk in a long time. You immediately hooked me emotionally via Tink’s reflective attitude and I wanted to share in his memories and adventures. Then you moved into gripping action and some fun camaraderie. Loved it!”

~ Helgie Eymundson, Director of Programming, Wild TV inc.

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